What makes a family business successful?

A family business is a type of organizational entity that is owned and operated by members of the same family, with each individual typically having an equity stake in the enterprise.

It is distinguished from other forms of business ownership and organization in that decisions are informed by familial loyalties and obligations, as opposed to the purely economic incentives that may guide other types of corporate entities.

Here are some tips that makes a family business successful;

Set some boundaries. It’s easy for family members involved in a business to talk shop 24/7.

Establish clear and regular methods of communication. Problems and differences of opinion are inevitable.

Divide roles and responsibilities. It is of paramount importance to delineate the roles and responsibilities among family members in a familial business enterprise, as any lack of clarity in this regard can be detrimental to the success of the venture.

Treat it like a business.

Recognize the advantages of family ownership. Family ownership of a business can be seen as an advantageous structure, as it often allows for continuity of leadership and a more holistic view of the company’s objectives. It also provides a sense of stability that doesn’t come with publicly owned companies, since family members are likely to have long-term interests in the business.

Treat family members fairly. While some experts advise against hiring family members at all, that sacrifices one of the great benefits of a family business.

Put business relationships in writing. It is imperative for family businesses to execute legally binding agreements that outline the expectations and obligations of those involved in order to ensure that their business relationships are properly documented.

Don’t provide “sympathy” jobs for family members.

Draw clear management lines. It is essential to establish definitive managerial boundaries within a family business in order to ensure optimal operational efficiency.

Develop a succession plan. Succession planning for family businesses is a critical element of ensuring the ongoing success of the enterprise. It involves formulating a strategy to ensure that all stakeholders are taken into account and that, upon the transfer of ownership from one generation to another, the organization’s goals, values and objectives remain consistent.

Require outside experience first.

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