What is RR, MRR and PLR?

RR, MRR, and PLR are abbreviations which stand for different usage rights or licenses that you could purchase for a product.

While RR stands for Resell Rights, it is the most stringent license of these 3 examples and only allows to resell the product.

Master Resell Rights (MRR) product will not only allow to resell the product but also sell Resell Rights to it. In some cases, depending on the vendor’s Terms & Conditions, even Master Resell Rights. This means even your customers could resell the product to their customers.

Both of these licenses allow to sell the product and keep 100% of the profit, but they won’t allow to edit the product.

This is where the PLR license comes into play, which stands for Private Label Rights.

With a PLR license you can rename the product, rebrand the graphics, edit it, put your own name on it. Basically create a completely new product out of it.

However, this is a general explanation of the rights and what usually will be allowed to do with a product. It is important to check the individual license file that comes with your purchased product, as vendors can broaden or limit rights within their terms & conditions.

In these terms you could find that you aren’t allowed to sell a product below a certain price tag or on a certain marketplace. Usually, these terms & conditions are also stated on the sales page of a PLR product so that you know what you’re allowed to do before you buy.

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