What is PLR and how do you use it to Start and Grow your business


PLR stands for Private Label Rights. MRR stands for Master Resale Rights, RR stands for Resale Rights, BRR means Basic Resell Rights and  PUR stands for Personal Use Rights.

1. PLR:  Private Label Rights.

It means that you get a license with the product which allows you to rebrand it, and repurpose it, and you can sell it as your own.

2. MRR: Master Resell Rights.

You don’t own the copyright, but you own the ‘Master Rights’. This basically means you are free to use or sell the product or sell the same rights to others but you’re restricted from altering or modifying the product from its original form.

You may or may not also be allowed to apply for your own private label ownership in addition to the original copyright as indicated by that particular license.

3. RR:  Resell Rights.

You own the ‘Resell Rights’ but not the copyright. You’re not entitled to change or alter anything from its original form. Your freedom is limited to using and selling the product as is. You cannot sell or transfer these rights to others. Other restrictions may be laid out in the license.

4. BRR: Basic Resell Rights.

So you are limited with what you can do with it under the terms of the license, but you can still resell it.

4. PUR:  Personal Use Rights.

Which means it is ONLY for personal use.


Below are some of the things we think you can do with PLR, MRR, RR and make money  but are not limited to these alone:

  • Use PLR for affiliate marketing.
  • Use The Products Yourself.
  • You can use them for Lead Magnet. A powerful way to quickly build your email list.
  • You can also use them as blog posts or post them on your website.
  • You can edit the contents – You can change the titles, contents, insert your affiliate links, and paste your own advertisements into the products. These are just some ways to monetize in addition to the profits you are making from selling the eBook.
  • You can take the content in the book and arrange them into your own articles.
  • You can also take a few PLR eBooks and combine them together to create one HUGE mega eBook and sell them for profits.
  • You can shorten the eBook by taking out the key points and turning it into a special report that you can use either as a teaser to get people to buy your eBook or you can use it to capture leads.
  • Depending on the terms and conditions, you can use the eBook to give it away as a bonus to products you are already selling.
  • You can also offer additional rights to your eBook that will enhance the perceived value (e.g. basic resell rights, master resell rights or even rebranding rights).
  • Sell the eBooks in different market places, like eBay, Amazon, etc.. This is recommended after editing the content and title of the eBook. Please follow each market place’s policy & guidelines.
  • Create infographics. Quickly create gorgeous illustrations for your website.
  • You can use them for Webinars. Connect with your audience and close more sales.
  • Create courses. Develop and sell your own powerful e-learning course.
  • Create digital Products. eBooks, daily meditations, inspirational quotes, and more.
  • Create coaching handouts: Improve and supercharge your sessions with helpful resources.
  • Create social media posts: Don’t struggle with what to post on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
  • You can use them for blog posts: Keep your site fresh and visitors always coming back.
  • Use For Magazines: Everything you need to launch your own print magazine.
  • Viral Graphics: Graphics go viral more than anything else.
  • You can use them in your membership Sites: Constantly have new content to give your members.
  • Email Message: Keep your list hot with constant communication.
  • You can also create Physical Products such as books, prints, calendars, and more.
  • Bundle multiple related niche products as a value pack and selling them at a higher price
  • Create A Podcast.
  • Use The Content To Create Websites.
  • Use PLR Content To Build Websites To Flip Later on.
  • Use The PLR To Create Landing Pages For Affiliate Products.
  • Use The PLR As A Bonus For Buying Your Products.
  • Rewrite The PLR Content As A Press Release.
  • Sell The Rights.
  • Turn your PLR eBook into an audiobook.
  • Turn your textbook into a picture eBook.
  • Turn your PLR blog posts into Tweet questions.
  • Convert PLR eBooks’ best parts into highly shareable FB picture quotes.
  • Strip down PLR eBooks into mind maps you give away.
  • Strip down PLR eBooks into cheat sheets you give away.
  • Strip PLR eBooks into action sheets you can give away.
  • Strip PLR eBooks into checklists you give away.
  • Strip PLR eBooks into questions for Quora.
  • Develop a membership site.
  • Use PLR Products To Run Your Own Membership Sites.
  • Use PLR Content In Your Writing Business.
  • Use PLR Content For Commenting and Social Media Engagements.
  • Offer The Resell Rights For Free To Your Potential Prospects.
  • Offer PLR Products As Bonuses To A Main Product.
  •  Give Away Branded Versions of Resell Rights Software.
  •  Create and Sell Unbranded Versions of Software For Higher Cost.

If you are ready to use and make money from PLR, MRR, RR, we would recommend bookmayor.com website for you.

Bookmayor is a centre for private label rights(PLR), Master Resell Right(MRR) and Resell Right(RR) of digital products. Which means that you can go to bookmayor.com, download any digital products that you need, repurpose them, brand, tweak, and sell as your own, use them on your project, website, No royalties or extra fees.

For more information visit bookmayor.com


Centre for Private Label Rights(PLR) and Master Resell Rights(MRR) Products

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