What Is Imprest Amount?

If you’re wondering, “What is imprest amount?” then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the purpose of this type of account, its requirements, and who is responsible for paying it. Then you can start calculating your own monthly payroll expenses. If you need to make a special purchase for your business, consider a petty cash account. Using this account allows you to make smaller payments without affecting your primary business account balance.

Imprest amount

When calculating the cash equivalents of an imprest account, the petty cash fund is included in the overall business cash. It should be replenished at regular intervals. In this way, the fund deters unauthorized spending. The fund is replenished regularly. A petty cash fund is set up with a predetermined amount of cash that must be accounted for in the company ledger. Each disbursement is accompanied by receipts.

The imprest amount is an amount of money paid in advance by the government to a petty cash account. The amount is usually $300 and recorded in the general ledger account for petty cash. In an imprest system, the general ledger account Petty Cash will always have the same amount. When a person spends money from their imprest account, the amount remains the same, thus reducing the risk of over-spending.


The purpose of an imprest amount is to reimburse a staff member for small purchases, such as lunches, errands, and travel expenses. Unlike an account for general spending, the imprest amount cannot be spent for personal purchases. However, the fund can be used for the reimbursement of business-related expenses, such as dividends, bonuses, or employee travel. This type of imprest fund can be redirected to another account if a staff member misuses it.

To use an imprest fund, an employee must first establish an account with a fixed balance and reconcile the account at least once per month. Once the account is established, disbursements must be approved by the chief financial officer of the University. Any expenses exceeding $100 must be approved by the custodian, and a written request must be submitted. The request must explain the bona fide business purpose of the expense, and any restrictions that apply to other payment methods.


Before requesting imprest funds, employees should know the restrictions that apply to their account. They should use the funds only for legitimate business purposes. The account must have a fixed balance and reconcile monthly. Any disbursement of an imprest amount over $100 must be approved by the appropriate supervisor. Any requests for exceptions must be made in writing and must specify the bona fide business purpose of the expense, including restrictions to other means of payment.

The USNH Controller’s Office issues checks to establish imprest checking accounts. The checks are payable to the bank account number, and they must be signed by the individual who is authorized to sign for the funds. When submitting a check, the Controller’s Office submits Form USNH-F44 to the bank. The bank then receives and processes the form. It then issues a receipt for the imprest amount.


A petty cash account is an imprest account in which a company holds a specified amount of cash on site. These funds are available for various small business transactions and may be used to pay for employee payroll, travel, and other incidentals. Petty cash accounts are usually managed by a custodian, who distributes the cash to employees. Receipts for disbursements must be provided.

If the funds are lost, the fund custodian must file a police report the incident to University Audits and Procurement Services. The custodian must also submit a proof of loss form to the Risk Management Office. This will cover the loss for which a $1,000 deductible is required. The institution may also request supporting documentation to demonstrate the loss. Accountability of imprest amount

In conclusion, imprest amount is a system of accounting where a fixed amount of cash is set aside to cover minor expenses. This system is used to prevent the need for constant replenishment of the petty cash fund. It is important to understand the imprest amount system in order to properly manage your finances.

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