What exactly is PLR? MRR? BRR? PUR?

 PLR stands for Private Label Rights. MRR stands for Master Resale Rights, and RR stands for Resale Rights.

Not everyone knows what PLR is and that is why I want to explain them for you.

A lot of businesses need content for their websites. A lot of business owners don’t have the time to write their own stuff. Or they don’t know what to write.

So instead of hiring someone to write for them, which gets expensive when you need more content
they buy products with PLR, MRR or RR like articles and eBooks, even software that they can use for their websites, etc. Under the conditions of the license that comes with the product.

So it is important to read the license to see what you CAN do with it and what you CAN’T do with it.

1. PLR – Private Label Rights.

It means that you get a license with the product which allows you to rebrand it, and repurpose it, and you can sell it as your own.

2. MRR – Master Resell Rights.

You don’t own the copyright, but you own the ‘Master Rights’. This basically means you are free to use or sell the product or sell the same rights to others but you’re restricted from altering or modifying the product from its original form.

You may or may not also be allowed to apply for your own private label ownership in addition to the original copyright as indicated by that particular license.

3. RR – Resell Rights.

You own the ‘Resell Rights’ but not the copyright. You’re not entitled to change or alter anything from its original form. Your freedom is limited to using and selling the product as is. You cannot sell or transfer these rights to others. Other restrictions may be laid out in the license.

4. RR – BRR means Basic Resell Rights.

So you are limited with what you can do with it under the terms of the license,
but you can still resell it.

4. PUR – PUR stands for Personal Use Rights.

Which means it is ONLY for personal use.

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