Ways to Rebrand and Edit PLR.

PLR stands for private label rights. On the Internet, PLR refers to written content, scripts, graphics or coding that is sold to be reused by the buyer. In most cases PLR is written content in the form of articles, short reports, guides or e-books. Once you buy the PLR you can rebrand it so it’s different from the original content, as long as those rights were conveyed to you

Check Rights

PLR is sold with different levels of rights, which limits what you do with the content. That also limits how you can rebrand the PLR as well. For example “resale rights only,” means you may not change any of the content, but you can sell the PLR. Some PLR must have a certain percentage of the content rewritten before you can post it on your blog or website. On the other hand “all rights” means you can change whatever you like and put your name as author. The PLR package should come with what rights you receive. If you’re unclear, contact the seller.

Adding your affiliate links to the PLR is one way to rebrand it. Affiliates get a commission for selling products. The products could be digital or physical. Neverblue, Commission Junction and Amazon.com are three companies that have affiliate programs for physical products. Amazon.com has the advantage that, whatever the customer buys once directed from your site, you get a commission if the purchase is within a certain time period.

Videos and Slideshows

Rebrand the PLR by using the content as the basis for a slideshow or video. Break up the narrative and put one or two paragraphs on each slide. The slideshow can then be sold as an instructional video, used as a giveaway or uploaded to visual platform sites to draw traffic to your blog. For example, set up a series of short PLR articles on weight loss as a slideshow. Use royalty-free graphics to add interest. For weight loss, photos of fruits, vegetables, scale measuring tape, exercise clothing and weights get the point across.


Change the format of the PLR to rebrand it. Break apart an ebook into 250- to 400-word posts to use on your blog. Another alternative is to combine a series of articles into a short report. If the articles don’t flow well together, call them tips. Offer the short report as an incentive for visitors to your website to sign up on your mailing list. Use another series of PLR articles for your auto-responder messages to send to your mailing list. Every fourth or fifth message contains a sales pitch for a product.

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