Turn Private Label Right(PLR) subject headings into Q&A pairings for Quora content

What is PLR? It means that you get a license with the product which allows you to rebrand it, and repurpose it, and you can sell it as your own. It allows the buyers to modify, use and resell the products as they wish. In some cases, you can also resell the ‘rights’ to resell the products to other marketer.

What is a Q&A pairing? You basically take the subject heading of your PLR blog  post, article or eBook and turn them into questions.

After a couple of days, you can use another account, you or your virtual assistant can answer the questions  that you posted earlier. 

All the answers to the questions you posted will be predetermined. It’s just a matter of duplicating  the PLR content.

You’re just basically going to copy and paste from the PLR  materials that you got the question from originally.  

If this is executed properly, you might generate leads or traffic to your website.

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