Top Action Points On Scaling Your Business Fast

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” – Napoleon Hill, author

Success in business largely comes down to timing and experience. But there are other factors that play a major part in whether a company eventually succeeds; for example, being in the right place and prioritizing your work.

Setting a business up so it can scale means finding ways to give it room to expand without getting blocked. It represents developing a system that allows it to offer support while it grows, planning, the required investments, staff, technology, and processes.

Here are some top tips that will help you scale up business fast;

1.         Focus on what you want to be – not what you are

2.         Create a sense of urgency.

3.         Make sure you’re ready and prepared for growth

4.         Solve your customers’ problems.

5.         Become a master at selling to your avatar.

6.         Learn from competitors who’ve successfully grown

7.         Protect your business values

8.         Create an irresistible company culture.

9.         Build a great team of employees

10.       Have rules for your staff to follow

11.       Access outside expertise when required

12.       Never compromise on quality or consistency

13.       Identify your barriers to growth

14.       Try to predict the future

15.       Focus on operations, belief, and leadership.

16.       Surround yourself with others who have done it.

17.       Master traffic and sales.

18.       Identify your focus, cadence of accountability, and process.

19.       Find a way for everyone to win.

20.       Think big.

21.       Growing the operational capacity of the company

22.       Continuously handling more work without disrupting the ongoing processes

23.       Scaling while maintaining a positive ROI

24.       Hiring and retaining top talent

25.       Continuously developing and growing talent internally

26.       Automating operations and organization for success

27.       Outsourcing side activities while focusing on the core business

28.       Outsource your weaknesses

29.       Incorporate predictable human risk

30.       Don’t be afraid to step aside

31.       Keep an eye on your cash

32.          Shift your mindset

33.       Empower your executive team to make decisions

34.       Automate aspects of your customer experience

35.       Hire an executive assistant

36.       Understand the four intangible capitals

37.       Build the right team

38.       Develop high-quality standard operating procedures (sops)

39.       Expand your team’s skill set

40.       Understand whether your growth is truly sustainable

41.       Don’t trade service for scale

42.       Business planning

43.       Build customer demand

44.       Build systems that scale and drive efficiencies

45.       Hire the right people

46.       Manage cashflow and finances for expansion

47.       Work on your business, not in it

48.       Get people to say nice things on product review sites

49.       Offer a money-back guarantee to encourage refunds from unhappy users.

50.       Focus on what you do best and cut out any mediocre items that don’t drive much business.

51.       Manage your best assets and biggest costs better. People are both your biggest asset and your most significant cost.

52.       Use a freemium model or offer a signup trial with no credit card required.

53.       Establish authority by writing blog posts about industry news or pain points for your market segment

54.       Incentivize others to promote your products

55.       Get the right tools

56.       Digital marketing strategies for customer acquisition

57.       Email and social media automation for lead nurture

58.       Chatbots to handle queries and requests

59.       Customer relationship management (CRM) systems to manage your customer database

60.       Enterprise resource planning (ERP) cloud software to streamline operations

61.       Warehouse and inventory management technology for saving time and labor

62.       Invest in process management

63.       Keep processes as simple as possible

64.       Focus on Delighting Your Customers

65.       Invest in employees — let them drive the vision

66.       As you grow your business, one of your goals should be hiring smart, talented people to handle various tasks.

67.       There Are No Shortcuts in Scaling

68.       It’s Okay to Ask for Help

69.       The best time to start growing your company was yesterday. If that didn’t happen, then today will. Your time should be treated like a precious resource.

70.       Grow by the Data — Avoid Spending on Speculation. The key to sustainable growth is in the hard data.

Scalability is about capability and capacity. Does your business have the capacity to grow? Will your business and infrastructure be able to cope with growth? Setting the stage to help and promote growth in your business requires the establishment of systems for breaking barriers, such as money or staffing. It involves connecting procedures for growing your company with a particular level of funding, procedures and simply the proper tools and people.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” – T.S. Eliot, author

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