Tips and Advice on Journaling

“Journal writing, when it becomes a ritual for transformation, is not only life-changing but life-expanding.” – Jen Williamson

Journal about what you want.

Keep a list of go-to prompts.

Talk to someone.

You don’t have to keep a paper journal.

You don’t have to write first thing in the morning.

Get some accountability.

Keep it honest.

Start small and simple.

Entries can also be long.

Keep it accessible.

Keep it free-form.

Keep it private.

Use a platform that works for you.

Write whenever you want.

Remove distractions.

Worry on paper.

Decide on paper.

Out of ideas? Use journaling prompts.

Write about your successes.

Start a journal of self-portraits.

Pick a philosophy and write about it.

Journal how you want

Start a journal of self-portraits.

Try writing in the third person.

Always end on a positive note.

Develop your intuition.

Keep on journaling.

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” – William Wordsworth

“A journal is your completely unaltered voice.” – Lucy Dacus

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