Tips and Advice Managing Your Internal Dialogue

“Anyone can plot a course with a map or compass; but without a sense of who you are, you will never know if you’re already home.”

Spend Time in Silence.

Cultivate Gratitude.

Actively Avoid Negativity.

Harness the Power of Affirmations.

Practice Impeccable Speech and Behavior.

Remember Your True Nature.

Play with your thoughts.

Draft power statements.

Keep a brag file.

Give someone else a compliment.

Practice Mindfulness.

Get Curious.

Make Space for a New Kind of Dialogue.

Stop using your phone when you have nothing to do.

Stop trying to focus when you can embrace “down time”.

“We are all either conditioned by belief system or consciousness. Belief system is built through the world, consciousness is built from within.”

“Our souls gravitate toward the things meant for us,
and everything that is meant for us isn’t necessarily pretty, but whatever we are pulled toward is necessary for our growth.”

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