Tips and Advice for Ergonomics

“Almost any seat was comfortable at one-sixth of a gravity.”
― Arthur C. Clarke

Change it Up.

Practice Good Posture.

Make sure that the weight of your arms is supported at all times.

Watch your head position, and try to keep the weight of your head directly above its base of support (neck). 

The monitor should be placed directly in front of you, with the top no higher than eye level. 

Talking on the phone with the phone receiver jammed between the neck and ear is really bad practice. 

Keep moving: regularly vary your body positioning.

Combat eye strain.

The keyboard and the mouse should close enough to prevent excessive reaching which strains the shoulders and arms.

Take steps to control screen glare.

The feet should not be dangling when you are seated.

Position your chair properly.

Keep your arms close.

Get a Good Chair.

 Make your Computer Work for You.

Look after your Eyes.

Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is the right thing to do for you and me.

The way you sit isn’t a minor consideration; an uncomfortable work environment will result in suffering!

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