Tips and Advice for Active Listening.

“To say that a person feels listened to means a lot more than just their ideas get heard. It’s a sign of respect. It makes people feel valued.” — Deborah Tannen

Face the speaker and have eye contact.

“Listen” to non-verbal cues too.

Listen without judging, or jumping to conclusions.

Don’t start planning what to say next.

Show that you’re listening.

Don’t impose your opinions or solutions.

Ask questions.

Listen with your body. Nod and gesture with your hands to show.

Practice patience.

Let others tell their own stories first.

It is impossible to listen and talk at the same time.

Fight off distractions.

Create a positive listening environment.

“To learn through listening, practice it naively and actively. Naively means that you listen openly, ready to learn something, as opposed to listening defensively, ready to rebut. Listening actively means you acknowledge what you heard and act accordingly.”— Betsy Sanders

“You cannot truly listen to anyone and do anything else at the same time.”— M. Scott Peck

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