Improving Sales Management In An Organisation.

Become the person who would attract the results you seek. -Jim Cathcart

Sales management is the process of effectively and efficiently directing and controlling the activities of an organization’s sales force. It involves the implementation of various business strategies and tactics in order to maximize sales volume, revenue growth and profitability.

This includes setting goals, recruiting and training staff, developing sales plans, forecasting demand, analyzing customer needs, developing pricing models and negotiating contracts.

Below are some tips and advice on sales management.

Find the best people for the job.

Start with hiring the best talent you can find. This best costs more, but saves loads of time and money.

Encourage Continued Learning.

It is important to train your team regularly to keep the information fresh in their minds.

Inspire the team.

Successful Sales Managers understand the importance of inspiring their team,Leaders look forward, not back. 

Get to Know Your Team.

Great sales managers focus on a set of critical metrics, or key performance indicators, and pay attention to how their team is performing. 

Communicate with the team.

You need to clearly communicate the goals you expect your team as a whole to reach.

Celebrate success.

Sales Managers do not celebrate their sales team’s wins, and probably do not realise the negative effect this has.

Goals that Are Realistic.

Goals that are high, yet realistic, give your team a chance to seriously boost their confidence.

Listen to the team.

Sales managers keep their minds open for questions, and solicit feedback and ideas from their team.

Measure the team’s performance

Great sales managers focus on how their team is performing.

Pay Attention to leading indicators

Sales managers pay attention to small changes and trends, and catch minor issues before they turn into big problems.

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