Resources For Entrepreneurs.

Aside from the business books, there are many resources for entrepreneurs that can help them get the ball rolling. Buffer can automate your social media updates, Canva can create your social media graphics, and Foundr is an online community that offers everything under the sun. These are just a few of the many resources available to entrepreneurs. They’ll be able to help you navigate the world of business. The resources below are just a few of the best.

Just like every other business resources are essential to assist the work at hand. Entrepreneurs have resources at their disposal which is there to assist both new and existing entrepreneurs.

Some resources for entrepreneurs are listed below.

Resources for entrepreneurs

Financial funding


In simple terms, a subsidy is money that the government provides to a business. This can take the form of a cash payment or a grant that is linked to a specific investment. These programs are designed to encourage production or improve exports, as well as reduce unemployment and increase the quality of products. Typically, subsidies are given by the government to small businesses or individuals to create more jobs and increase productivity. However, they can also benefit large companies, which require more funds to produce the same products. If you want to read more on subsidies please click here.

Venture capital

If you’re unfamiliar with venture capital, it’s a type of private equity financing. Venture capital funds and firms provide financing to emerging or early-stage companies. These companies are evaluated for growth potential and the potential for high return on investment. However, many entrepreneurs are confused about what venture capitalism is and why they need it. The following article will explain the basics of venture capital and give you a good understanding of the concept.

Venture capital is the private equity investment in a high-growth startup by large institutions. The term institutional refers to the sources of funds, which are usually professional money managers. These institutions include banks, university endowments, insurance companies, and pension funds. Typically, they take a quarter to half stake in a new company. This allows them to invest more money in a company if it has a high potential for growth. If you want to read more on venture capital please click here.

Initial Coin Offering

While an initial coin offering is like a crowdfunded campaign, it is more suited to start-ups than to established companies. This is because an ICO is not a form of equity and investors do not get ownership stakes in the company. Instead, they contribute money, often in the form of tokens. The price of these tokens can rise and fall, so it’s important to understand the risk before investing. Read on to learn more about this new type of fundraising.

An initial coin offering usually begins with a startup or an existing business. Traditional capital-raising methods such as venture capital and an IPO can also be used. While digital coins are the equivalent of shares of stock, businesses selling ICOs use dollars instead. The underlying service or product should move in tandem with the value of the new currency. Moreover, an initial coin offering is a risky investment. In 2015, the SEC charged an ICO founder with fraud in a $42 million ICO. If you want to read more about initial coin offerings please click here.

Revenue based financing

Revenue-based financing, also known as royalty-based financing, is a form of financial capital for growing and small businesses. Investors inject money into a business in exchange for a set percentage of the revenue generated by the company. This type of financing allows a small business to scale without relying on a large amount of equity capital. However, it is not right for every small business. Unless you have the ability to demonstrate a positive cash flow to your investors, revenue-based financing may not be right for you. If you want to read more on revenue based financing please click here.


Leasing a car is a great way to enjoy a new vehicle for a year, without the cost of paying full price. In this scenario, you get the option to decide how much you want to pay per month, and how many miles you’re willing to drive in a year. Aside from the tax advantages, leasing is also a great choice because it allows you to control your finances. You don’t have to worry about mileage restrictions, wear and tear costs, or any other type of ‘hidden’ charges. You can sell the vehicle anytime you wish and don’t have to pay a high monthly payment. If you want to read more please click here.


A factor is an intermediary agent that provides cash or financing to companies by purchasing their accounts receivables. A factor is essentially a funding source that agrees to pay the company the value of an invoice less a discount for commission and fees. Factoring, receivables factoring or debtor financing, is when a company buys a debt or invoice from another company. 

Invoice factoring ensures that your company has a working capital within 24 hours. A factor will buy your invoices at a discount and advance up to 98% of the total amount. The remaining balance is held in a reserve account and released when the customer pays the invoice. A small fee is charged for this service. A factor is not required to approve your invoices, but you should check the eligibility criteria before signing up for this service. If you want to read more on invoice factoring please click here.

Debt financing

Debt financing refers to borrowing from banks and other traditional financial institutions. It is usually long-term and has strict requirements for approval, such as a solid credit history and a history of investments. Most banks and other traditional financial institutions prefer to lend to established businesses. This type of borrowing includes business loans, equipment loans, and unsecured debt. The benefits of debt financing include the flexibility to use the money for practically any purpose, including paying off bills.

The use of debt financing in business is a very beneficial solution. Using debt effectively can help your company overcome obstacles and exploit opportunities. However, it is important to understand how to use it wisely and which options would be most suitable for your business. The first step is to evaluate your objectives and prospects. Then, you can explore different sources of funding to meet your needs. Choosing the right option for your business can be both rewarding and profitable.

Debt financing is popular among start-ups and small businesses. The money obtained from the debt can be used to pay wages, purchase inventory and supplies, or even pay for maintenance and repairs. The payments are usually repaid within one year. The disadvantage of this type of debt financing is that the repayment period is not flexible. In addition, the interest rate charged is generally higher than those from other sources of debt financing. So, you should consider the term of your debt financing before you take out a loan. If you want to read more on debt financing please click here.

Business Planning


The Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) is a national non-profit organization with members who provide free consultation services and advice to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Members of SCORE are current or retired business owners and corporate executives who specialize in a variety of business skills. If you want to read more please click here.


Bplans contains the largest single online collection of free sample business plans. In addition, it has helpful tools and guides to help you manage your business better. Bplans includes practical advice on planning, interactive tools and calculators, and publishes daily advice that will help you grow your business. If you want to read more please click here.

Rocket Lawyer

We combine free legal documents and free legal information with access to affordable representation by licensed attorneys. With Rocket Lawyer On Call, you can create a Will for your family for free or incorporate a business free from legal fees. Then, because we know there’s no replacement for qualified counsel, local attorneys are here to help when you need more guidance. With Rocket Lawyer you never have to go it alone. If you want to read more please click here.


Startpad Accelerator is one of the leading advisory companies. We’re a results-oriented agency and always look for and find optimization solutions. We combine strategic analytics and research along with multiple years of experience of developing and implementing business strategies to find solutions for you. If you want to read more please click here.

A SWOT analysis

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, and so a SWOT analysis is a technique for assessing these four aspects of your business.

SWOT Analysis is a tool that can help you to analyze what your company does best right now, and to devise a successful strategy for the future. SWOT can also uncover areas of the business that are holding you back, or that your competitors could exploit if you don’t protect yourself. If you want to read more please click here.

SBA Business Plan Tool

Created in 1953, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) continues to help small business owners and entrepreneurs pursue the American dream. SBA is the only cabinet-level federal agency fully dedicated to small business and provides counseling, capital, and contracting expertise as the nation’s only go-to resource and voice for small businesses. If you want to read more please click here.

Google Suite

G Suite Basic edition is a suite of collaborative productivity apps that offers your business professional email, shared calendars, online document editing and storage, video meetings, and much more. If you want to read more please clickhere.


With our free websites, and, we actively support the small business community by providing a wealth of information and guidance. The goal is to help small business succeed. We believe that small businesses are the engine of our economy and that if we can help more companies survive and thrive, we will all be better off. If you want to read more please click here.

Online Marketing


Spaces believes work is about people and ideas. Our Spaces are inhabited by forward thinkers, innovators and game changers who are confident in achieving their goals. Whether you are a small business, entrepreneur or a corporate intrapreneur, at Spaces we help our community to expand their horizon.

Our free-spirited vibe attracts an energetic community of positive and open-minded business thinkers who love to meet new people. The full program of professional events and hospitality services, and the inspiring sophisticated European design of our business clubs, involves people in the buzz and energy of Spaces, and make them feel at home. If you want to read more please click here.


We empower organizations to build trust and deepen relationships through the power of social. In less than a decade, social media entirely reshaped how we live, work, and communicate. Today, it’s the first place people turn when they’re looking to discover, learn, and buy—and it’s an essential platform to build your brand, uncover deep strategic insights, and get closer to your customers.

From smart social listening and engagement to AI-powered social commerce and customer care, Hootsuite has the scalable platform, deep expertise, strong industry partnerships, and bold vision to help your organization deliver world-class digital experiences to your customers at every stage of their journey—today and tomorrow. If you want to read more please click here.


Fiverr is an Israeli online marketplace for freelance services. Fiverr serves to allow listing and applying for small one-off jobs, or gigs, online. Jobs listed on the platform are diverse and range from “get a well-designed business card” to “help with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and jQuery” If you want to read more please click here.

Mail chimp

Mailchimp is an American marketing automation platform and email marketing service for managing mailing lists and creating email marketing campaigns to send to customers. If you want to read more please click here.


Kissmetrics is a person-based analytics product that helps you identify, understand, and improve the metrics that drive your online business. We make it simple to get the information you need to make better product and marketing decisions. We strive to make both installation and reporting as simple as possible. If you want to read more please click here.


Sniply is a simple tool that allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any piece of web content. You don’t have to own the content to add your message, so your CTA can appear on Mashable, New York Times, TechCrunch or Entrepreneur! If you want to read more please click here.


FollowerWonk is used to supplement other social media monitoring and management tools. It is used by our digital marketing and content teams to provide deeper insight into our clients’ Twitter followers and to help refine a client’s content strategy. If you want to read more please click here.


Buzzsumo helps you in Creating brilliant content is getting harder every day, but we’re here to help. We believe that data-driven research is the secret to creating top-tier content that drives likes, shares, and top rankings. BuzzSumo is built to make comprehensive content research accessible, fast, and easy. If you want to read more please click here.


Scraper gets data out of web pages and into spreadsheets. Scraper is a very simple (but limited) data mining extension for facilitating online research when you need to get data into spreadsheet form quickly. It is intended as an easy-to-use tool for intermediate to advanced users who are comfortable with XPath. If you want to read more please click here.


Manage multiple users and gain visibility into all survey data collected across your organization with admin controls and dashboards. Ensure confidential data is protected with enhanced security including encryption, SSO, and features that help you remain compliant with HIPAA and GDPR. Make feedback automated and actionable by connecting to key business systems using APIs and powerful integrations, including Salesforce, Marketo, Tableau, and more. If you want to read more please click here.


Enloop is an easy, online business plan writing software that’s smart, simple and fast. If you want to read more please click here.

Essential softwares

Siteground WordPress Hosting

SiteGround is a web hosting company founded in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria. As of January 2020, it provides hosting for about 2,000,000 domains worldwide. It provides shared hosting, cloud hosting, enterprise solutions, email hosting, and domain registration. If you want to read more please click here.


ConvertKit is a full-featured email service provider (ESP) created by Nathan Barry. Thanks to its ease of use, automation and other features, it’s one of the fastest-growing email marketing companies around. It also offers customizable sign-up forms and landing pages to help bring in more email subscribers. If you want to read more please click here.


Semrush is a SaaS platform. It is often used for keyword research and online ranking data, including metrics such as search volume and cost per click. The platform also collects information about online keywords gathered from Google and Bing search engines. If you want to read more please click here.


Trello is the flexible work management tool where teams can ideate plans, collaborate on projects, organize workflows, and track progress in a visual, productive, and rewarding way. From brainstorm to planning to execution, Trello manages the big milestones and the day-to-day tasks of working together and getting things done. If you want to read more please click here.


Asana is a web and mobile work management platform designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work. It is produced by the San Francisco based company of the same name. The company was founded in 2008 by Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein. The product launched commercially in April 2012. If you want to read more please click here.


With Boomerang, you can write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically at the perfect time. Just write the messages as you normally would, then click the Send Later button. Use our handy calendar picker or our text box that understands language like “next Monday” to tell Boomerang when to send your message. If you want to read more please click here.

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