Daniel Crosby Quotes

“So much of human behavior – political, religious, financial – can be explained by the fact that we want to think the best of ourselves and don’t want to work very hard to do it.”

Paul A. Samuelson Quotes

We’re a me-me-me generation. We’re borrowing the savings of every nation in the world. We’re … piling up a big tab. Now, I may think we’re too big to have a run on us. You may think that. But it’s possible that God does not.

Jim Rogers Quotes

“I have learned that when you’ve done your homework, once you recognize that supply and demand are totally out of whack, and you make your move, you are definitely going to get very lucky.”

Ben Carlson Quotes.

“Graham’s criterion of financial strength still works: If you build a diversified basket of stocks whose current assets are at least double their current liabilities, and whose long-term debt does not exceed working capital, you should end up with a group of conservatively financed companies with plenty of staying power.”

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