Quotes on Man

Here are some Quotes on Man:

“There is so much woman in many a girl and too much boy in many a man.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“I have more respect for a man who lets me know where he stands, even if he’s wrong. Than the one who comes up like an angel and is nothing but a devil.”
― Malcolm X

“A true man loves his enemies as much he loves his friends.”
― Santosh Kalwar

“Man is a demon, man is a god. Both true.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert

“When a man’s neck’s in danger, he doesn’t stop to think too much about
― Agatha Christie

“The individual, man as a man, man as a brain, if you like, interests me more than what he makes, because I’ve noticed that most artists only repeat themselves. ”
― Marcel Duchamp

“Look for the heart in a man before you look at what he has.”
― Jonathan Anthony Burkett

“Hair on a man’s chest is thought to denote strength. The gorilla is the most powerful of bipeds and has hair on every place on his body except for his chest.”
― Anton LaVey

“Men argue. Nature acts.”
― Voltaire

“On the left side of a strong woman, stands a strong man; he is strengthened by her character.”
― Ellen J. Barrier

“Nothing great will ever be achieved without great men, and men are great only if they are determined to be so.”
― Charles de Gaulle

“They were close to the end of the beginning . . .”
― Stephen King

“Never test another man by your own weakness.”
― Joseph Conrad

“Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system.”
― Bruce Lee

“A man learns with age, if he is lucky.”
― Patricia Briggs

“In order to know virtue, we must acquaint ourselves with vice. Only then can we know the true measure of a man.”
― Marquis de Sade

“The distinguishing mark of man is the hand, the instrument with which he does all his mischief.”
― George Orwell

“The measure of a man is not how much he suffers in the test, but how he comes out at the end.”
― Neal Shusterman

“A man who is not a father to his children can never be a real man,”
― Mario Puzo

“Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Some men can be good ‘ horse whisperers ‘ and many dogs can be wonderful ‘ man whisperers ‘.”
― Erik Pevernagie

“Get to know the right, then you would know the people of right. Right Is not measured by its men, but men are measured by their right.”
― Ali Bin Abi Thalib

“It may be a man’s world, but men are easily controlled by women.”
― Ashly Lorenzana

“It is only when a man tames his own demons that he becomes the king of himself if not of the world.”
― Joseph Campbell

“The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness. Although the two are identical twins, man, as a rule, views the prenatal abyss with more calm than the one he is heading for.”
― Vladimir Nabokov

“A sense of humour is the only divine quality of man”
― Arthur Schopenhauer

“He wears a mask, and his face grows to fit it.”
― George Orwell

“The mind of man is capable of anything.”
― Joseph Conrad

“A man is responsible for his ignorance.”
― Milan Kundera

“We are going to the moon that is not very far. Man has so much farther to go within himself.”
― Anaïs Nin

“Man is a genius when he is dreaming.”
― Akira Kurosawa

“To be able to laugh and to be merciful are the only things that make man better than the beast”
― Ruskin Bond

“Man has a choice and it’s a choice that makes him a man.”
― John Steinbeck

“Be a philosopher; but, amidst all your philosophy, be still a man.”
― David Hume

“No man is great enough or wise enough for any of us to surrender our destiny to. The only way in which anyone can lead us is to restore to us the belief in our own guidance.”
― Henry Miller

“The more man learned, the more he realized he did not know.”
― dan brown

“Man serves the interests of no creature except himself.”
― George Orwell

“A philosopher is a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn’t there. A theologian is the man who finds it.”
― H.L. Mencken

“Everyone must come out of his Exile in his own way.”
― Martin Buber

“You can always tell how a man will treat his wife by the way he treats his mother.”
― Janette Rallison

“The imagination of nature is far, far greater than the imagination of man.”
― Richard P. Feynman

“A man who refuses light will remain in the darkness even by the side of light!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

“Man always becomes other. Man is the animal who continually differs from himself.”
― Georges Bataille

“Man is so made that he can only find relaxation from one kind of labor by taking up another. ”
― Anatole France

“He understood well enough how a man with a choice between pride and responsibility will almost always choose pride–if responsibility robs him of his manhood.”
― Stephen King

“Take the dead from the dead, the old proverb said; only a corpse may speak true prophecy.”
― Stephen King

“What’s simple is that everything good comes from God, and everything bad comes from man. Where it gets complicated is that everything seemingly good but ultimately bad comes from man, and everything seemingly bad but ultimately good comes from God.”
― Criss Jami

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