Promises Quotes

“Real change begins with faith and the courage to take the first step forward. Deep within your heart and mind, there must be the determination to overcome your obstacles and to believe God has something better for you. Hold on to the promises of God.”
― Tony Warrick

“A promise to a dead man is sacred!”
― Christophe Chabouté

“Consider exchanging the claims, promises and guarantees for authentic, humble and engaging content.”
― Loren Weisman

“Hope does not rest with men, for despite all his boisterous claims mankind does not have the depth nor the breath to create hope. In fact, mankind can only create a thin and precarious illusion of it that disappoints without fail. For only God can create a hope that has no hope of failing.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

“The dead loved promises; the living loved promising.”
― Katarina Leno

“God fulfils his promises in his perfect time.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

“Prayerful faith is a believe in the faithfulness of God to fulfill his promises.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

“One can promise actions, but not feelings, for the latter are involuntary.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

“The faith of our father’s laid the foundation to holdfast to the promises of our faithful heavenly Father.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

“If a promise starts to damage your happiness, or worse your mental health, I don’t expect anyone would expect you to keep it.”
― Colette Davison

“His promises are His pledges.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

“I promised ‘omituntun’, it is time to experience ‘omituntun’. I will not rest until good jobs, thriving businesses and quality education are the standard in Oyo State. Together we can do this!”
― Seyi Makinde

“Gone are the days when roads are built for show off and political cheap points. All our infrastructural development will be targeted at economic revitalisation.”
― Seyi Makinde

“God doesn’t promise destinations. He promises Himself.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

“If you view the claims of God as outrageous, it’s because your vision is far too tame and your apathy is way too strong.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

“Everyone has the same promises, they only differ in what they do”
― Kamil Rogalinski

“It’s bad enough when others break their promises; breaking a promise to ourselves is just downright debilitating.”
― Carlos Wallace

“Well, you know, that’s good of you to say, but it’s not always wise to make promises. There can be a lot more involved in keeping them than it seems at the time.”
― Marilynne Robinson

“And in our forever, we have died so many times.”
― Akshay Vasu

“The promises of God are prophecies.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

“Men, especially crude men, tend to keep their promises.”
― A.D. Aliwat

“It was amazing what some vampires would believe anything if you promised them what they wanted.”
― Laura Greenwood

“One who is fed on promises eats from an empty bowl.”
― Marsha Hinds

“This year will become next year if you’re not careful.”
― Anthony T. Hincks

“I remembered the promises we’d made to each other, me and Sarah and Simon, and I wondered if I’d been naive to think we could keep them.”
― Jon McGregor

“That which thou has promised must thou perform”
― Brothers Grimm

“She was every inch the skeletal goddess that had been promised by the bones of her feet.”
― Jefferson Smith

“A promise fulfilled may be a classic moment, but prophecies mean anticlimax. How much more awesome was an unexpected salvation?”
― China Miéville

“The best promises forever seem to be made by amnesiacs.”
― Chris Gould

“Life always promises to give the world a person to take away everything bad.”
― Eloise Dyson

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