Polish Proverbs

Even if a chef cooks just a fly, he would keep the breast for himself.

What I believe in is all that is mine.

One maiden is better than four widows.

If you are going to fight, pray once; if you are going to sail, pray twice; if you are getting married, then pray thrice.

A beggar talked to a picture, but picture answered nothing Curiosity is the first step to hell.

Pride comes before fall.

Where the body wants to rest, there the legs must carry it.

The farmer is a born philosopher, the aristocrat has to learn how.

What one thinks when sober, one says when drunk”

You become whom you befriend.

Those who argue, like each other.

My home is my castle.

Watch the faces of those who bow low.

Poverty does not lose its virtue.

Fortune favors the bold.

There where a man is in a hurry, the devil has a ball.

History repeats itself

Not my circus, not my monkeys.

Don’t praise the day before sunset.

Ingratitude is the world’s reward.

Bad things often turn out to be good for you Fate throws fortune, but not everyone catches.

If the farmer is poor then so is the whole country.

Guest coming into house – God coming into house.

In a game it’s difficult to know when to stop.

The devil can swallow a woman but he can’t digest her.

There will be no bread from that flour.

A beautifully decorated plate won’t feed anyone.

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