Quotes on Logic

People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons. – — Zig Ziglar,

“When I was, like, 18, that’s when I started to really take my own craft seriously and just noticed people were enjoying it. And when I put out my first mixtape, that’s when I realized I could make this a career.” – Logic

“Anybody who loves what they do, they’re constantly doing it all the time. So I’m constantly working.” – Logic

“Everyone is beautiful, and the world isn’t equal – and we need to fight towards that.” – Logic

“Hate is ugly.” – Logic

“I just do what makes me happy.” – Logic

“I wake up every day, make awesome music with awesome people, and tour the world, which is incredible.” – Logic

“I wear my inspirations on my sleeve.” – Logic

“I’m proud to be biracial, and there’s a lot of people that say things like, ‘I don’t see color,’ and I completely understand that but I think different is beautiful, but I think our difference shouldn’t separate us, and for me in this era, in this time, in everything that we’re going through, my whole thing is just about unity, man.” – Logic

“It wasn’t the best childhood, but I did my best to make it good on my end… I didn’t let it pull me down.” – Logic

“On the second half of ‘Under Pressure,’ I talk about my family, and there are voicemails on my phone from when I was on the road that actually make up the second half of the nine-minute song. I transcribe them and rap them as if I were my sister, my brother, or my father.” – Logic

“When I grab the microphone, I am the greatest rapper, musician, and artist that ever lived, ever, in the entire universe – but when I put that microphone down, I am a man with so much to learn, personally and professionally.” – Logic

“All I’ve done since I was young was hone my craft.” – Logic

“Ever since I was a little kid, I would always rap. I just loved it. But when I really got into it seriously was when I saw Kill Bill.” – Logic

“Elementary rules of logic: extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and what can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.— Christopher Hitchens,

“All men are mortal. Socrates is a man. Therefore Socrates is mortal.— Aristotle,

“Briefly, you can only find truth with logic if you have already found truth without it.— G. K. Chesterton,

“If reason dominates in man, he rises higher than angels. If lust overpowers man, he descends lower than the beast.— Rumi,

“Dialectic thought is an attempt to break through the coercion of logic by its own means.— Theodore Adorno,

“Reason enslaves all whose minds are not strong enough to master her.— George Bernard Shaw,

“Science is simply common sense at its best, that is, rigidly accurate in observation, and merciless to fallacy in logic.” ~ Thomas Huxley

“The mind has its own logic but does not often let others in on it.” ~ Bernard DeVoto

“The fact that logic cannot satisfy us awakens an almost insatiable hunger for the irrational.” ~ A. N. Wilson

“People who lean on logic and philosophy and rational exposition end by starving the best part of the mind.” ~ William Butler Yeats

“Production is not the application of tools to materials, but logic to work.— Peter Drucker

“Nothing can be accomplished by logic and ethics.— Anton Chekhov, 1860-1904, Russian writer

“Faith is the Knowledge of the Heart, Logic the Knowledge of the Mind.— Erica Jong, 1942-, American writer

“The greater the man, the less is he opinionative, he depends upon events and circumstances.— Napoleon, 1769-1821, French Emperor

“Habit is stronger than reason.— George Santayana,

“Much of what I make is geometric, and has a kind of almost mathematical logic to the form.” ~ Anish Kapoor

“Theology is the logic of the Devil.” ~ Jose Bergamin

“Much of my work in this period was concerned with exploring the logic of economic models, but also with attempting to reconcile the models with everyday observation.” ~ Joseph Stiglitz

“The vast majority of human beings are not interested in reason or satisfied with what it teaches.” ~ Aldous Huxley

“Friedrich von Schlegel Reason is mechanical, humor chemical, and genius organic spirit.— Friedrich von Schlegel,

“The trouble is that sex is a force of nature, and reason is not.— Ashleigh Brilliant

“Chance seldom interferes with the wise man; his greatest and highest interests have been, are, and will be, directed by reason throughout his whole life.— Epicurus,

“I am not primarily an advocate of capitalism, but of egoism; and I am not primarily an advocate of egoism, but of reason.— Ayn Rand,

“Logic is one thing and commonsense another.” ~ Elbert Hubbard

“I demand that my books be judged with utmost severity, by knowledgeable people who know the rules of grammar and of logic, and who will seek beneath the footsteps of my commas the lice of my thought in the head of my style.” ~ Louis Aragon

“It is a myth, not a mandate, a fable not a logic, a symbol rather than reason by which men are moved.” ~ Irwin Edman

“An action doesn’t have to be wrong just because it is not logical. It doesn’t have to be right just because it has its logic.” ~ Lion Feuchtwanger

“Companies are not charitable enterprises: They hire workers to make profits. In the United States, this logic still works. In Europe, it hardly does.” ~ Paul Samuelson

“The last function of reason is to recognize that there are an infinity of things which surpass it.” ~ Blaise Pascal

“For I now realize that what overcame me that evening was a sudden awareness of the power of intuition, the supra-logic that cuts out all routine processes of thought and leaps straight from problem to answer.” ~ Robert Graves

“There is no morality by instinct. There is no social salvation in the end without taking thought; without mastery of logic and application of logic to human experience.” ~ Katharine Fullerton Gerould

“Reason is a crutch for age, but youth is strong enough to walk alone.— John Dryden,

“From tours to mixing, mastering, graphics, artwork – I’ve done out of pocket.” – Logic

“I have seven brothers and sisters, and I’m the only one who looks white because my mother has had children by all black men, and then my father has children with other women as well.” – Logic

“I truly believe that if I’m out partying and not in the studio, there’s somebody out there who will be. When I’m asleep, somebody else is working. So, I have a lot of sleepless nights.” – Logic

“I was really scared to make this album and to make this song. Because I didn’t want to talk about it. For me, it’s even deeper than just ‘1-800.’ ‘Everybody’ as a whole… I was terrified.” – Logic

“I’m not just going to get a deal; I’m going to get the deal. And in my deal I got by signing with No I.D. to Def Jam, I got full creative control, the money was great, the contract was good, and I got to create the album that I wanted.” – Logic

“If you’re right, than be right. There’s no need to hurt others.” – Logic

“Obviously, deep down, I want people to enjoy my music, but the only people I want to enjoy my music are the people who want Logic to win and are fans of me.” – Logic

“There are certain artists that get into the little circle in hip-hop, and everybody is talking about them, and they are buzzing. But they can’t go out and sell-out tours, perform in front of 3,000 people a night, and things like that. We did things backward; with Visionary, we got all the fans first.” – Logic

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