Digital Asset Management.

Digital Asset Management.

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In recent years, various devices have been made to fully maximize the use of digital technology. You have digital cameras, the Ipod, DVD’s, CD’s and MP3’s. This can be downloaded or uploaded in various websites. As a result, companies who make money online have to focus on digital asset management as this has become just as important as other assets.

Digital asset management or DAM for short consists of annotating, cataloging, ingesting, storing and retrieving of digital assets such as videos, photographs, animation and music using various hardware and software systems. It also refers to the archiving, backing up, downloading, exporting, grouping, maintaining, optimizing, rating and thinning of these files.

Thanks to advances in technology, a digital asset may now be available in different formats. Examples of these cold be manuscripts, plays, music, and videos that could all be created digitally and then downloaded by whoever wants it. Some sites will give this to your for free while other will require you to pay a small fee.

So companies can avoid having problems with the information being uploaded to their site, it is best for them to invest in a software technology solution that can archive, categorize and catalog these digital files. Although it will cost them a lot of time and money, doing so will assure the public that these can be safely and easily stored and retrieved whenever it is needed.

Since viruses could corrupt these files, another component of effective digital asset management is through an efficient and regular back up process. This will allow the company to retrieve those files in the event that these were lost due to an emergency or a disaster.

Aside from online businesses, there are also others who use a similar digital asset management system. These include the following brand asset management systems, these are often used by companies for marketing and sales related efforts. Examples of the data they need to store are photos, logos and marketing paraphernalia.

Then there are library asset management systems which is why schools and others use to store data. Examples of these are newspaper clippings which is an improvement from the kind that was converted into microfilm.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges in choosing which DAM system to invest in is who will be using the system and how it works. The people you hire should be familiar with it so they can easily store the files. However, if the average Joe will upload files, does he or she have the technical level to understand that?

You should assume that this person does not know anything so you have to get a DAM system that is very user-friendly.

Is there one company out there that can provide the best all in one digital asset management system? The answer is no because it is still growing making it a work in progress. This means that digital asset management is not just about buying the right equipment but also having the right people to manage the archiving process.

In conclusion, digital asset management is important in any business that has to store vast amounts of data. Without the system, it will take some time to find files that were uploaded several months ago when those who have such a system in place will be able to see it in a matter of seconds.

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