103 Inspiring Advertising Tips To Market Your Business

“Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.” – Jef I. Richards

Effective advertising will reach prospective customers and let them know about your products or services. Ideally, advertising should capture the attention of the potential customers, capture their authority, and entice them to use your product. Regardless of what method you use, all your advertising needs to be truthful and consistently reflect the positioning statement of your company.

Here are 105 inspiring advertising tips to market your business;

1.         Get into your local newspaper

2.         Create a newsletter

3.         Write a blog

4.         Cold call

5.       Make sure that all of your marketing weapons are understandable to your potential customers.

6.         Carry business cards

7.         Offer mini versions

8.         Find a niche

9.         Talk to your customers

10.       Use Twitter

11.       Get testimonials

12.       Make friends with influential bloggers

13.       Advertise on blogs

14.       Develop an effective marketing plan.

15.       If you have a marketing plan, update it.

16.       Think or rethink your target market.

17.       Answer what your target market wants from you.

18.       Answer how you can satisfy the customer’s needs in your target market

19.       Conduct market research.

20.       Find opportunities that can and must be improved.

21.       Analyze your offer and improve it.

22.       Extend your offer with additional value for your customers.

23.       Track changes and improve wherever you find an opportunity and need for improvement.

24.      Try with free samples or free tests.

25.       Write link-bait blogs

26.       Make the most of your email signature

27.       Sponsor an awards ceremony

28.       Sponsor a competition

29.       Give something away

30.       Offer discounts for limited periods

31.       Create an e-brochure

32.       Traditional mailers

33.       Write a column for your local paper

34.       Become an expert spokesperson

35.       Create a press kit

36.       Add interaction to your website

37.       Mobile advertising

38.       Charity auctions

39.       Teach your expertise

40.       Guest blog

41.       Blog comment

42.       Start developing business cards, or if you already have, improve the design of your business cards.

43.       Make business cards for all your employees and encourage them to share with potential customers.

44.       Create or update your brochures.

45.       Make your brochures to be available for download from your website.

46.       Fully redesign all your communications like letters, emails, invoices, and receipts to communicate information about your business’s offer v value.

47.       Take advantage of forums

48.       Don’t forget your SEO

49.       Create a Facebook Page

50.       Hook up your social media accounts

51.       Get your pricing right

52.       Send thank you cards

53.       Throw in some freebies

54.       Reward repeat business

55.       Add personality to your social media accounts

56.       Add an ‘About’ page to your website

57.       Invest in credibility

58.       Offer a guarantee

59.       Have excellent customer service

60.       Go to traditional networking events

61.       Use print text ads to build your business presence.

62.       Ensure that your business is present in different online directories.

63.       Make a list of current and potential customers.

64.       Make a phone call to your existing customers.

65.       Make a phone call to reliable potential customers.

66.       Make and use a marketing calendar for all your marketing tactics that you use or plan to use in the future.

67.       Design initiatives and encourage your satisfied customers to share their experience with your company.

68.       Analyze and redesign all of your calls to action in all your marketing tactics.

69.       Test different calls to action.

70.       Start a campaign to change something

71.       Give your expertise away

72.       Enter awards

73.       Set up a referral programme

74.       Put up your prices

75.       Get your answerphone right

76.       Book a show

77.       Ignore the competition

78.       Use Google Local

79.       Join forces with other firms

80.       Get a QR Code

81.       Give, and thou shall receive

82.       Use Facebook advertising

83.       Create videos

84.       Create an e-zine

85.       Launch a free e-book

86.       Monitor your online reputation

87.       Get a new website design

88.       Look into conferences

89.       Nurture your client relationships

90.       Create a funny 404 Page

91.       Analyze and redesign all of your calls to action in all your marketing tactics.

92.       Test different calls to action.

93.       Analyze and improve the credibility of all members of your small business and your whole business.

94.       Advertise on TV.

95.       Advertise on the radio.

96.       Start a podcast

97.       Offer free tools

98.       Do something for charity

99.       Join your local Chamber of Commerce

100.     Host monthly webinars

101.     Send exclusive deals to your customers

102.     Sponsor a local school sports team

103.     Become a walking advert

In conclusion, why Is Advertising Necessary? It is important because it can boost business sales, boost market share, and attract the right target audience. Advertising enables you to accelerate your image-building efforts, reach customers, and inform them of what you are selling. It also helps to retarget your audience and uses previously collected data to guarantee your potential and current clients have the best options.

“There is a great deal of advertising that is much better than the product. When that happens, all that the good advertising will do is put you out of business faster.” – Jerry Della Femina

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